“Enabling mindful enterprises to transform ESG Risk Management and Disclosures for a better tomorrow”

Introducing Treeni Resustain™

The most critical business risks today include ESG risks. Boards of large global firms no longer ignore concerns around environmental degradation, social responsibility and long-term value.  This is changing the way companies approach sustainability, identifying a risk is the first step towards understanding its impact on the business, the likelihood of its occurrence, and its immediacy.


Resustain™ Enterprise is a cloud-based SaaS platform that enables the Digital Transformation of Enterprise Sustainability Management, and provides enterprises a 360-degree view into their ESG data and risks, while providing the ability to manage performance and transform risks into opportunities. Architected for the cloud on open technologies and big data enabled, Resustain is a  real time, data driven, easy to use, highly configurable solution that can be deployed rapidly. With a powerful data transformation engine, enterprise integration and the critical need to automate data capture becomes a reality. Clients can drill down into the data to get a completely granular view, roll up to visualize aggregate trends at every organizational level, and drill through to extract data-driven insights.


The reporting & disclosures functionality eases the process of addressing standards like GRI, CDP, DJSI, SDGs, SBTs etc., while focusing on long-term sustainability value creation like principle-based brand and reputation building, decision making, risk management and its implications on business strategy.

check out the post right here Highlights of Resustain™

  • discover here Resustain is modular, clients can buy the modules they need based on the stage of their sustainability journey and maturity. The main modules are Reporting & Disclosures, CSR, Supply Chain, Emissions management and EHS.
  • https://www.cedarforestloghomes.com/enupikos/9583 Consulting led approach, our domain experts engage with client stakeholders, analyze current processes and suggest optimization for data governance, auditability, accountability and data management as per emerging standards and global reporting requirements.
  • rencontre shire tdah Resustain is highly configurable, and adapts to the organization’s way of doing things, ready alignment with global reporting frameworks and standards enable high adaptability and reduced change management. Workflows can be configured to replicate processes, notifications can be set up to follow-up, remind, escalate, alert, and actionize, thereby creating accountability.
  • Look At This Collaborative, Resustain allows data gathering and report writing in a collaborative process, this ensures that all stakeholders contribute to the process of gathering data and extracting insights, and writing complete and accurate sustainability reports.
  • http://boersenalltag.de/blog/post/2013/02/06/interview-beim-daf-hess-ag-1/index.html Data Integration, Treeni’s leadership team’s experience and expertise in systems integration led to an emphasis on data integration. Resustain’s integration wizard automatically fetches and transforms data from any data sources.

Resustain can be deployed in four simple steps as mentioned below:

Step 1:Assessment: Consulting-led assessment of sustainability strategy and process gaps and alignment with material issues. Engage with stakeholders to identify performance indicators aligned to material issues. Assess goals and targets, identify boundary, source and nature of data, analyse historical data, governance structure and the data gathering process. Identify key functional and non functional requirements and capture it in the design workbook for solution design.

Step 2: Solution Design: Configure and deploy the right modules to achieve desired outcomes aligned to strategic material issues. Configure boundaries,model KPIs as per material issues, define workflow, notification set-up, set-up goal and targets, design dashboards,enable multi framework reporting, and upload historical data as outlined in design workbook.

Step 3: Training and Go-live: Deliver training in-person or webbased sessions enabled through guided tours in Resustain, supported by email help/online user manual. Go-live post user training and user acceptance testing and deployment of production environment.

Step 4: Feedback : Continously monitor performance in context of targets via iterative analysis to drive insights for strategic decision making. Provide clients insights on aligning their needs with upcoming Resustain functional roadmap developments, to prepare for changing sustainability frameworks and standards.

click to find out more Who is it for

Resustain is for enterprises that are in different stages of their sustainability journey, and are mindful of the need to mitigate their ESG risks in the larger interest of all stakeholders like consumers, communities, employees, vendors and suppliers, activists and investors. It is for innovative companies that understand the importance of managing ESG risk, and strive for superior sustainability performance. It’s for enterprises that understand that sustainability is a strategic enabler for long term competitive advantage. It’s also for ambitious, fast growing small and medium size enterprises that get the importance of sustainability, even as they focus on innovating and growing their core business.


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Choose from our modules

> Monitor key initiatives & report on predefined metrics (KPI’s) as per GRI, CDP, SASB and other standards and disclosure
> Create custome workflows for clear accountability & governance across organization boundaries
> Capture data from various sources in any format through single upload, bulk upload, mobile app, email etc.
> Configurable dashboards for ESF&G indicators, including relevant environmental, supply chain, HR, safety etc indicators
> Goals & Target settings
> Alerts and notifications setting

> Set up multiple reporting disclosures using reporting frameworks such as GRI, SASB, CDP, DJSI, BRR etc. – (includes relevant environmental, supply chain, safety indicators, HR)
> Develop customised template for internal reporting
> Enables collaborative reporting by assigning users for content development with notifications for tasks and follow ups
> Set up web-disclosures which can be integrated into organisational microsite

> Manage enterprise emission activities and sources.
> Configure complex formulae for automatic calculation of enterprise scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions, and air pollutant emissions
> Configure custom emission factors or import from the pre-existing library of emission factors(IPPC, GHG protocol etc) and GWP
> Integrate with continuous monitoring systems
> Look up tables to easily calculate GHG emission

> Manage supplier data collection, analysis and tracking of supplier ESG performance
> Roll out and manage supplier self-assessments and audits, create supplier scorecards and ratings
> Supplier dashboards & analytics to enable users:
– Slice, dice join, filter, visualize multi-format data
– Multiple insights through single data view
– Automatic management reports & notifications

> Define project outputs, outcomes, and impacts and monitor progress against them.
> Track and manage budget and expense using the program management functionality
> Individual project dashboards as well as consolidated project metrics
> Use CSR data for reporting impact KPIs for investors using the performance management module/ disclosures modules
> View budget metrics, geo based impact heat maps, and data collection status
> Enables geo visualisation of projects

– Track safety incidents, lost time, incident investigations and maintain auditability of incident.
– Audit management functionality maintains audit reports, identification of audit team and tracking audit schedule.
– Environmental data management
– Action planning, tracking of corrective and preventive actions

How Clients Benefit from Resustain™

busco mujer soltera en tachira Demystifying Reporting & Disclosures

  • Reduces ‘Reporting Fatigue’ and values human expertise by eliminating manual effort
  • Conceptualized by sustainability domain experts, Resustain uses bundled templates for international standards & disclosures such as GRI, SASB, CDP, DJSI, UNGC COP etc.
  • Shift the focus from reporting to performance management, impact and decision making

http://vahidsport.com/pltyte/factore/8015 Governance & Data Harmonization

  • Workflows and notifications enable role based governance, ensures users are engaged and creating value, and understand accountability and common purpose
  • Data transformation engine with pre-built integrators automates data migration into the Resustain platform
  • Eliminates inaccuracies and inefficiencies
  • Integrated platform eliminates silos and leads to collaboration and integrated thinking

Ease of Use, Rapid Deployment & Lower TCO

  • Intuitive, easy to use, highly configurable platform
  • Shorter learning curve and training needs by adapting to existing processes, minimal effort for client onboarding and adoption
  • Delivers lower TCO (Total cost of ownership) with Cloud, Big Data, Open Technologies, AI/Machine learning

Insightful analytics & dashboards 

  • Dashboards that provide strategic business insights to the C level
  • Tracking KPIs against initiatives and performance goals
  • Meeting important stakeholder expectations from Investors and Communities, to Employees and key functions like Sales & Marketing and Supply Chain