Treeni is your ESG consulting and technology partner

To redefine sustainability strategy, minimize ESG and Supply Chain Risks and build enterprise resilience

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resustainTM Enterprise is a modular SaaS platform

built on advanced open technologies, with a powerful data transformation engine that automates and manages sustainability data for ESG risk and performance management, reporting and disclosures, and sustainable supply chain

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resustainTM SMB is a disruptive sustainability SaaS platform,

built for small and medium sized enterprises, to automate and manage the sustainability and ESG needs of stakeholders such as large customers, investors, employees and communities

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Introducing resustainTM Enterprise

In the post COVID world, ESG risks are perhaps the most critical to business. In a rapidly changing global economy, large enterprises as well as their small suppliers are accountable for their sustainability footprint, it is essential that they identify ESG risks, their likelihood and impact, and a mitigation plan.

resustainTM Enterprise is a cloud-based SaaS platform that provides enterprises with a 360 degree view of ESG risks and the ability to manage performance, and transform risks into opportunities. Driven by cloud technology and big data, it is a real time, data-driven, highly configurable solution that can be deployed rapidly.

Designed by Sustainability
Scale from SMEs to Large
Global Enterprises
Promises and Delivers
Lowest TCO

Why resustainTM?

resustain™ is an easy to use SaaS platform that is rapidly deployed from India to clients anywhere in the world. resustain™ offers a modular, pay for what you need deployment that addresses functionality that spans ESG risk and performance management, analytics and dashboards, reporting and disclosures, supply chain, CSR and EHS. resustain™ enables mindful enterprises that recognize the importance of sustainability to the long term wellbeing of communities, employees, customers, suppliers and investors to manage, measure and report their impact on the world.

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Highlights of resustainTM Enterprise

Consulting Led Approach

Our domain experts engage with client stakeholders, analyze current processes and suggest optimization for sustainability data governance, auditability, accountability and data management

resustainTM Enterprise is Modular

Clients can buy the modules they need based on the stage of their sustainability journey and maturity.

Powerful Data Transformation Engine

Features a powerful data transformation engine, that automates enterprise data integration

Configurable Workflow Functionality

Eliminates enterprise org and data silos, and enables accountability and governance during the initial setup and deployment phase

Easy to Use

With a highly configurable front end and data model based on GRI, powerful use cases can be rapidly configured on a sustainability data foundation, with templates for reporting and disclosure, including GRI Standards, CDP, UN SDGs etc

How does it work?

Deployment of resustainTM consists of the following steps:


Consulting-led assessment of current ESG data and KPIs, process gaps, and alignment with material issues.

Solution Design

Configure and deploy the right modules to achieve the desired outcomes that are aligned with strategic material issues.

Training & Go-live

Deliver training in-person or web-based sessions enabled through guided tours at resustain™, supported by an online user manual.


Continuously monitor performance in the context of targets via iterative analysis to drive insights for strategic decision making.

Choose from our Modules

Supply Chain Management
Corporate Social Responsibility
Environment Health & Safety
  • Manage, monitor, measure, and track key sustainability initiatives based on predefined ESG KPIs
  • Create custom workflows for clear accountability and governance across organization boundaries
  • Transform data from various sources in any format, through coupled and decoupled adaptors, single upload, bulk upload, mobile app, and email
  • Configure dashboards for ESG, including relevant environmental, social, supply chain, HR, health & safety, and governance indicators
  • Goals and target settings (Carbon Neutral, SBTi & SDGs etc)
  • Powerful engine for alerts
Emissions Management
  • Manage enterprise emission activities and data sources
  • Configure complex formulae for automatic calculation of enterprise scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions, and air pollutant emissions
  • Configure custom emission factors or import from the pre-existing library of emission factors (IPCC, GHG protocol, etc.) and GWP
  • Integrate with continuous monitoring systems
  • Look up tables to easily calculate GHG emissions
Reporting and Disclosure
  • Set up relevant reporting functionality using standard disclosure frameworks, such as GRI, CDP,TCFD, Integrated Reporting <IR> and BRR
  • Report according to the Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism matrix by World Economic Forum- International Business Council guidelines 2020 comprising of various framework(CDP,SASB,IR,GRI &CDSB)
  • Configure templates for regulatory reporting
  • Enable collaborative reporting by assigning users for content writing, with notifications for tasks and follow ups
  • Set up web-disclosures which can be integrated into an organizational microsite
Supply Chain Management
  • Manage supplier data collection, analysis and tracking of supplier ESG performance
  • Roll out and manage supplier self-assessments and audits, create supplier scorecards and ratings
  • Supply dashboards and analytics to enable users:
    1. Slice, dice, join, filter, visualize multi-format data
    2. Multiple insights through a single data view
    3. Automatic management reports and notifications
Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Define project outputs, outcomes, and impacts, and monitor progress against them
  • Track and manage budget and expense using the program management functionality
  • Individual project dashboards as well as consolidated project metrics
  • Use CSR data for reporting impact KPIs for investors using the performance management module and reporting & disclosure modules
  • View budget metrics, geo based impact heat maps, and data collection status
  • Geo visualization of projects
  • Monitor the impact generated by community engagement activity
Environment Health and Safety
  • Track safety incidents, lost time, incident investigations, and maintain the auditability of an incident
  • Audit management functionality maintains audit reports, identification of audit team and tracking audit schedules
  • Environmental & safety data management
  • Action planning, tracking of corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)

The Benefits of resustainTM

Demystifying Reporting
and Disclosures
  • Reduces ‘Reporting Fatigue’
  • Out of the box templates for standards & disclosures such as GRI, CDP, BRR, SDGs
  • Emphasis on performance management and decision making to track and manage goals and targets, enabling long-term value creation
Governance and
  • Workflows and notifications enable role-based governance, leading to engaged users working across silos with a common purpose and clear accountability
  • Data transformation engine with pre-built integrators
  • Eliminate inaccuracies and inefficiencies
  • Integrated platform eases collaboration & enables integrated thinking.
User Adoption
and Lower TCO
  • Intuitive, easy to use, and highly configurable platform that adapts to existing processes and org structure
  • Powerful alerts & notifications
  • Lowers TCO through an India-based product development & deployment model
  • Open technologies, cloud and big data ready, ‘pay for what you need’ SaaS platform
Insightful Analytics and
  • Dashboards for strategic business insights, and ESG Risk Management
  • Align KPIs to initiatives and performance goals
  • Rapidly configure dashboards for specific stakeholder needs such as investors, communities, employees, sales & marketing, supply chain & finance
  • CXO level dashboards showcasing ESG KPI’s such as environment, diversity, equality, inclusion, community engagement, impact analysis

resustainTM SMB

Many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) also happen to be suppliers to large global companies, from a sustainability perspective these SMEs have 2 key drivers - customers that are typically large global enterprises seeking CDP Disclosures , and investors looking at ESG metrics to put money to work in sustainable fast growing business. Treeni has built a disruptive SaaS platform called resustain™ SMB to address the unique needs of SMEs. resustain™ SMB simplifies ESG data management, performance management, and reporting & disclosures. With its 0 touch, 0 code, 0 deployment fee approach, it helps SMEs automate data collection using templates, provides insights for decision making, and addresses the needs of key stakeholders such as customers and investors, in the disclosure standards of their choice – be it CDP, GRI, SDGs etc.

Brands that Trust Us

Sustainability is always at the forefront of our minds. Our partnership with Treeni, and their domain- centric expertise, will enable us to move forward in our sustainability and ESG journey and will help us address the growing needs of our clients and other key stakeholders.

Shelly Latimore
Head of ESG, Quest Global

We were very pleased to find Treeni Sustainability Solutions at short notice. They were responsive, understood sustainability from a domain perspective, and were able to work across US and India time zones to rapidly deploy their resustain™ platform to address the self-assessment tool requirements. The fact that they are a Global Compact participant and keen to invest in the effort was an added bonus. We look forward to working with the Treeni team again.

Ole Lund Hansen
Chief - Leadership programs, UN Global Compact

Tata Motors Ltd recently made significant progress on their ambitious carbon conscious behavior journey with their inclusion in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI), and a remarkable score of 98. This milestone was achieved by partnering with team Treeni, their research capabilities & grasp of the global market dynamics helped TML quickly understand the real time sustainability challenges in the automotive sector. Their valuable inputs helped TML craft an intelligent way to define its low carbon strategy and build internal capability to go beyond compliance, within the context of evolving & tightening regulations, as well as impending automobile product labeling standards such as 'CAFE'. We appreciate the opportunity to build a long term relationship with Treeni focused on deep domain expertise and the opportunity to explore technology as an enabler to achieve sustainability outcomes.

Mr. Arvind Bodhankar
Head - Corp SHE & Sustainability

Treeni’s platform resustain™ and the responsiveness of their people has provided valuable ways of streamlining and automating our processes. resustain™ has helped track fund status summary, donations and other financial reports, and the overall impact of running programmes, primarily virtual classrooms in monthly senior management dashboards. We are expanding our reach under the CSR programmes and this renewed partnership with Treeni will help us in managing our data in a seamless, automated manner. We see Treeni as our long-term technology partner.

Rajen Padukone
CEO, Manipal Foundation