Our Approach

Disrupting the status quo for a better tomorrow for enterprises, communities and the planet

Transform from a sustainability reporting centric approach to focusing on impact and performance

From enterprises working in silos to an engaged, connected and collaborative one

From a linear economy to a circular economy

Our approach

 Reimagining Sustainability means focusing on performance and impact instead of reporting, breaking down enterprise sustainability silos and creating engaged, connected and collaborative stakeholders, and from a take, make, dump economy to a regenerative, restorative economy. We achieve this by leading with sustainability business management research and consulting, and by deploying our SAAS based end-to-end sustainability data management technology platform Resustain. SPC – Strategy (S), Performance (P) and Collaboration (C) are the 3 critical focus areas that we have incorporated into a unique approach conceptualized by Treeni that enables ‘Reimagining Sustainability’


Approaching and defining sustainability strategy as ‘Reimagining Sustainability’ and embedding it in business strategy ensures the appropriate leadership focus and effective execution of sustainability initiatives through our think tank services providing new ideas and concepts for deploying web-based applications using our SAAS platform Reustain.


It is critical that goals are defined clearly based on materiality, baselining current performance and building a governance structure to strengthen your performance.


The ability to collaborate effectively with all stakeholders by leveraging technology leads to maximizing sustainability innovation and impact.



– Risks/Opportunities Assessment
– Materiality Assessment
– Strategy


– Reporting and Disclosures
– Performance management


– Circular Economy
– Supply Chain
– Corporate Social Responsibility
– Stakeholder Engagement

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