Supply Chain Sustainability within the ITeS Sector

Sustainability for Breakfast- 9th Edition

05 December, 2023

As a lynchpin of the Indian and US economies, the ITeS sector propels job creation, economic expansion, and technological breakthroughs. In an industry as expansive as ITeS, the importance of sustainability in regional and international supply chains cannot be overstated.

As with any supply chain, the ITeS industry grapples with challenges – geographic dispersion, product diversity, fluctuating demand, regulatory compliance, etc. The lack of transparency within these supply chains unveils a spectrum of risks, ranging from regulatory non-compliance to cyber threats. Additionally, the pandemic has shown us that ITeS knowledge supply chains are just as vulnerable to disruptions as any product supply chain. Though less severe, the risks still exist.

Given the stakes, the ITeS sector must integrate ESG into the supply chain to address and navigate these challenges. This integration calls for collaboration, discussions, and knowledge exchange.

We are thrilled to announce that we are back with the 9th edition of the much-awaited Sustainability for Breakfast (S4B). To be hosted on 13 December in Bengaluru.

What is S4B?

It’s a morning dedicated to sustainability. Established in 2014, with many prominent past hosts like Tata Motors, Wipro, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Yes Bank Foundation, S4B is an engaging and insightful industry gathering - a platform - offering industry professionals an opportunity to engage with the latest industry trends and network with like-minded professionals passionate about sustainability.

The 9th Edition

Organized in collaboration with Wipro. This year’s S4B is meticulously formulated to include insightful conversations and explore the intricacies of ITeS supply chains. The panel comprises industry experts, thought leaders, and other distinguished guests who will enrich the discussions with their insights.

The panel discussions center around critical themes such as compliance and reporting, achieving net-zero objectives, data, reporting, etc, and focus on the challenges and solutions from procurement and supplier perspectives. The 9th edition will have two panel discussions and a keynote address by Prof Jose PD - IIM, Bangalore.

  • Panel 1 - Challenges in Procurement

This panel will tackle supply chain sustainability from a CPO’s perspective - the pain points of compliance, reporting, net-zero goals, etc. It will also shed light on the potential solutions that CPOs can implement to mitigate sustainability risks.

The panel will consist of MC Kumar - Chief Procurement Officer, Wipro; Malini Lobo - Head of General Procurement, Infosys; and Kanishk Negi - Sustainable Procurement Director, Schneider Electric. The panel will be moderated by Prof Jose PD - IIM, Bangalore.

  • Panel 2 - Challenges faced by SMBs

This panel will focus on the challenges Small and Medium-Sized suppliers face from a sustainability perspective. The panel includes Maxson Lewis - Founder and MD, Magenta Mobility among other industry leaders. The panel will be moderated by Aruna Newton - Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainability Governance and Reporting, Infosys.

The panel will tackle questions such as - how can SMBs respond to data/KPI requests from their large enterprise customers? How can SMBs improve their data capabilities? How can they improve their data capture infrastructure?

The Attendees

From C-Suite executives - like CEOs, CSOs, CPOs, and CTOs - of large enterprises to Founders and Directors of SMBs, we are excited that our upcoming S4B has garnered immense interest. S4B aims to create a forum for collaboration, thought leadership, best practices, and knowledge sharing. The prospect of having influential leaders in attendance underscores the shared commitment to advancing sustainability practices.

Their presence will undoubtedly contribute to meaningful discussions, foster valuable connections, and elevate the impact of our collective efforts toward a more sustainable future. We look forward to hosting this distinguished group of executives and leadership.

If you share a passion for sustainability and wish to connect with these influential executives, we invite you to participate in this transformative event. Register* now to secure your spot and join us in fostering a sustainable future together.

Sustainability for Breakfast - 9th Edition

Date: 13 December 2023, Wednesday

Time: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM (IST)

Location: Wipro Kodathi Campus, Bengaluru

*Limited seats available. Prioritization will be done on a first-come, first-served basis.