Corporate Social Responsibility

Company Brief

Charitable arm of one of the leading universities in India, formed in 2002, focused on creating wealth in a different way- making an effort to empower people by improving areas of Healthcare, Education, Vocational Skill Training, Women Empowerment and Environment

Study Challenges


The time and effort to manually managing CSR activities, budgets & expenses and project management


Continuous data mining to generate analytics for decision making

Issues solved through resustainTM

  • Digitized CSR management & operational efficiency with Treeniā€™s resustainTM, providing real-time data-driven insights for decision making. The resustainTM platform empowers the foundation team to streamline their day to day activities on fund, project and activity management
  • resustainTM helped the foundation eliminate human errors in the evaluation process; freed up management bandwidth and optimized resources while onboarding projects in various locations

Solution and Value Delivered

  • Adapting to the current formats and processes to ease data gathering and aligning to existing workflows
  • Streamlined data by recording all relevant parameters
  • Dashboards & organizational process workflows within Resustain for fund management, activity and beneficiary management, and project management