Corporate Social Responsibility

Company Brief

The charitable arm of a $10B organization actively involved in community outreach programs

Study Challenges


The time and effort to manually manage CSR activities, budget and expense accounting, and project management


Continuous data mining to generate analytics for decision making


Lack of a centralized platform


Inconsistency in the data collection templates coming from various partners

Issues solved through resustainTM

  • resustain™ helped to manage their CSR data coming from different sources and under three thematic areas- Community Development, Road safety and Skill Development
  • Development of a mobile app for capturing beneficiary data
  • Integration with existing system- Tally to extract financial data and spreadsheets for project activities
  • Flawless data migration of historical data to maintain consistency

Solution and Value Delivered

  • Developed a centralized data system to manage their financial data and project and beneficiary data
  • Role based dashboards to give the management an overview of the CSR programs and to derive insights for better decision making
  • Geo-maps on the dashboards to get an overview of the CSR outreach across the country
  • The dashboards are designed in line with the client’s existing reporting format