Etedge Insights|Jul 05, 2024
Treeni’s Supply Chain Sustainability Management (SCSM) solution: A critical piece in the journey to NetZero

Treeni is a leading sustainability domain-led technology solutions provider, with close to 10 years of experience working with global clients. At Treeni, we are committed to helping organisations streamline supply chain sustainability processes and achieve business outcomes.

CIO & Leader|May 23, 2022
What Can CTOs Do To Improve A Company's ESG?

ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance) is gaining popularity across the corporate landscape, especially with the COP26 event.Companies are under high pressure to showcase how they plan to achieve their climate change targets.Read More Technology leaders and CTOs should consider the critical factors of ESG to scale the next generation of the company from day one. A comprehensive ESG framework will enable the companies to create value for the business.Read Less

Automation & Digitization|May 11, 2022
We Want To Give Companies The Ability To Baseline Their Sustainability Data

…says Ankush Patel, Founder & CEO, Treeni Sustainability Solutions, in this interview with A&D India. He shares his vision and passion for sustainability. With Treeni, he aims to create solutions & models that maximise environmental balance and minimise disruption. Excerpts…

The Times Of India|March 25, 2022
Voices, India: India ESG regulation a new challenge for companies

People now realize the adverse impact created by unfriendly environmental and social choices. Hence, the term ESG that relates to all the environmental, societal, and governance parameters is gaining traction in the corporate corridor.

The CSR Journal|Feb 02, 2022
Leaderspeak: India Inc reacts to the Union Budget 2022

Ankush Patel, Founder & CEO, Treeni Sustainability Solutions - “India has set ambitious reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Accords, and it is great to see Read More that Climate Action is one of the four pillars in the Union Budget 2022. It is a growth-oriented and stable Budget with many positive interventions like issuing Sovereign Green Bonds, giving public funds access to climate action, enabling investors to create a responsible portfolio. Another important highlight of the announcement is encouraging the private sector to develop sustainable and innovative business models for battery and energy as a service, improving the efficiency in the EV ecosystem.” ...Read Less

Machinist|Jan 24, 2022
How can Industries enable Sustainable Manufacturing in India?

The manufacturing sector in India has been one of the highest growth sectors and a major contributor to GDP growth. From large-scale companies...

Indian Retailer|Jan 17, 2022
Sustainability in Retail: The Benefits of Integrated ESG Data

In a survey carried out by Deloitte Global, it was found that almost 32 percent of retail consumers are...

Blive|March 23, 2018
Healthcare to get tech booster dose to turn democratic and cost-effective

Healthcare to get tech booster dose to turn "democratic" and "cost effective" as the digital technology is...

Business World|March 20, 2018
Reimagining Sustainability Can Be Viewed As The Digital Transformation Of Sustainability.

In order to reimagine sustainability, technological solutions towards sustainability have to be harnessed to deliver good.

India CSR Network|January 10, 2018
Building Sustainable Value Chains

According to a Bain & Company study, companies employing sophisticated supply chain methods enjoy 12x greater profit...

The National|November 25, 2017
Renewable energy: India's next employment boom

India's renewable energy sector is expected to generate hundreds of thousands of jobs over the coming years,...

The CSR Journal|September 9, 2017
Role Of Technology Solutions For Monitoring SDGs

Exactly 2 years back countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet & ensure prosperity for all as part...

Automotive Products Finder|September 7, 2017
Tata Motors & Treeni organise sustainability event to focus on Biodiversity

Treeni Sustainability Solutions, a software product company focused on sustainability & CSR, and Tata Motors recently...

Deccan Herald|July 21, 2017
Reimagining CSR – spending vs making a difference

Long before the advent of government regulations, many organisations had their own social conscience. They realised...

Hindu Business Line|March 14, 2017
Creating an attitude and culture of sustainability

Treeni develops solutions to transform sustainability from being mere reporting centric to a business...